About Us

We are ViaBimsan

VIA - BİMSAN operates in the fields of process piping, underground and aboveground pipe lines, natura! gas pipelines, turn-key fuel products storage facilities, sea loading lines, fire security systems, steel construction works and after-delivery maintenance and control services, and providing economical solutions in compliance with international standards with its powerful technical staff in Turkey, Iraq and the world.

VIA - BIMSAN; in its factory with 6700 m2 epen space and 2954m2 indoors fabricates carbon steel and stainless steel piping works, spools, pressured and unpressured covered vessels with special purposes, manufactures horizontal and vertical cylindrical tanks of every size in accordance with 150 EN 9001 :2008, 150 14001 :2004, OHSAS 18001 :2007 systems.